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O MOLDWORKS cria uma ferramenta de molde a partir de uma biblioteca de catálogo interna ou montagem herdada, usando menus especializados e divididos em módulos para projeto de componentes, arrefecimento, corredores e portões, slides e elevadores, etc., resultando em geometria SOLIDWORKS® pura, mantendo a coerência do molde em todo o processo.

O MOLDWORKS for SOLIDWORKS is a 3D based solid mold design package, being an innovative concept to design molds for the injection molding industry.

MOLDWORKS was conceived as a productivity tool to free designers from the work of creating mold plates and components, as well as detailing the slots and holes in the mold plates.

It is tightly integrated with SOLIDWORKS software, allowing full use of SOLIDWORKS modeling capabilities to create mold tooling quickly, thereby reducing initial mold base design time from days to hours, and detailed design time from weeks to days!

MOLDWORKS is much more than a 3D mold library - it is a complete design environment based on R&B's CAMD (Computer Aided Mold Design) technology, which allows you to not only build the mold base, but also create the detailed mold tool, modify components and plates, check collisions and produce data, using menus suitable for the mold design industry.