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SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Ab wheel optimization

In this post, I share a personal side where I combine my passion for engineering with my healthy lifestyle: I modeled an ab wheel in SOLIDWORKS and 3D printed it. I started by designing a support and used the tools of SOLIDWORKS Simulation to optimize it. Initially, I modeled it with a curved shape, but through stress analysis, I changed it to straight lines.

roda abdominais

The images below show the stresses and displacement of the initial model (on the left side with curved lines) and the final model (on the right side with straight lines). This is a clear example of how simulation and structural validation tools have even more value when used simultaneously with modeling: instead of waiting for the end of the modeling process, I guided my design based on the indications of this tool.

solidworks simulation 3 solidworks simulation 4

Initial model – Curved Lines
Stress and displacement graphics

solidworks simulation 1 solidworks simulation 2

Final Model – Straight Lines
Stress and displacement graphics

While modeling the wheel, I started by creating the rims, inserted the previously modeled radius, and used the circular pattern to create the remaining ones.

With the complete set of modeled spokes and rims, I conducted a design study to determine the optimal ratio of the spoke width in relation to the defined stress and mass parameters set in the sensors. As variables, I defined the upper reinforcement, lower reinforcement, and front reinforcement, with the aim of minimizing stresses. The SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional automatically performs multiple iterations to find the best scenario.

For the handles modeling, I used the 3DTexture feature of SOLIDWORKS and later applied embossing to give shape to the surface.

solidworks modelacao roda abdominais
solidworks simulation otimizacao

After completing the modeling process, I proceeded to 3D printing. I used TPU, a flexible material, for the handles and the wheel coating. For the structural part of the wheel, I selected a high-strength material: PETG. I used PLA for the bushings to prevent resistance when rotating against the PETG of the wheel. Finally, I utilized a stainless steel tube with dimensions of Ø28 x 1.5 x 280mm.

I documented the entire process of modeling, structural validation, printing, and physical testing so that you can follow every step in the video I share below.

File download to 3D Print
the Ab Wheel

File Download

roda abdominais

Feel free to contact ut if you need help downloading the files:

SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Otimização roda de abdominais

SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Ab wheel optimization

SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Ab wheel optimization

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