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SOLIDWORKS is a world-renowned software that already has millions of users from various industries. This design tool allows you to accelerate the product development process.

Significantly improve product development and manufacturing

SOLIDWORKS has tools and processes that help you increase productivity, take advantage of artificial intelligence, drive innovation, and facilitate collaboration. Integrating the various design tools lets you take advantage of 3D models across the entire structure, bringing the processes together to be more competitive.

One of the simplest ways to accelerate the product development process is to adopt an integrated method to move products from design to manufacturing quickly and without objection.

By providing best-in-class, fully integrated tools for every area of product development and management, SOLIDWORKS enables companies to accelerate every stage of the development cycle by enabling areas of expertise to work simultaneously from concept to manufacturing.

Be the first to launch innovative products on the market

The current need to produce products quickly with quality and at low cost, in a highly competitive environment, leads companies to streamline new forms of workflows. By having all the necessary tools in a single environment, it eliminates the time-consuming need for data transmission and approvals between departments, which often results in errors or gaps in communication and information.

SOLIDWORKS provides solutions that support processes from design to manufacturing, reducing prototyping and validation times and costs through a fully integrated system. Production time is reduced and product launches are faster and earlier.

 Ease of use

When talking about investment an important factor to be considered for the success of the technology implementation is related to its ease of use.

SOLIDWORKS is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool. Its many features enable better performance, more streamlined workflows, and support for a design platform connected to the Cloud - 3DEXPERIENCE®.

3DEXPERIENCE enables the integration of design and manufacturing solutions with the software tools, allowing you to quickly go from concept to product in a single, native SOLIDWORKS environment.

Data management facilitates collaboration

SOLIDWORKS enables project stakeholders to work seamlessly, collaboratively and autonomously. When a change is made, it becomes known to all participants in real time, avoiding the need to send copies or new versions. This advantage not only saves time and work, but also makes the whole process more efficient and simple.

SOLIDWORKS is known worldwide and is increasingly used by various companies (suppliers and customers). For this reason, it is easier to share files, prints or other project issues, so that everyone can work and follow the process from start to finish.

Increased quality and reduced costs

Product development is a complex process that requires the intervention of various participants, resources and tools in order for the project to be executed in the most efficient way possible.

It is therefore essential to guarantee technological solutions that meet the requirements of competitiveness, quality and cost reduction.

With SOLIDWORKS you can anticipate problems, find the best solutions and create a design in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. By reducing the number of tests and validations, automatically the number of prototypes and changes will also be reduced, which translates into efficiency and productivity gains.




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