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Innovation Day is coming up!

Mark 22 June on your calendar! Don't miss the day of collaborative innovation.

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In 2021, innovation means above all relying on collective intelligence.

Come and take part in the event that puts innovation at the heart of business management, focusing its more than 100 sessions on topics such as: design, simulation and collaboration - with 20 clients and 30 experts who will give their testimony about their projects and successes.

Sign up for Innovation Day and check that:

  • Are you ready to innovate?
  • Do you have the right tools to be competitive in your market?
  • Do you collaborate with experts in your ecosystem?
  • Are your teams geared towards collaborative work?

CREATRIX will mark its presence in two special sessionswhich promise to clarify your doubts and bring you more interesting and important information on the following topics:

〉 Tips and Tricks to make your processes more productive

〉 The Digital Transformation with 3DEXPERIENCE®.

REGISTER NOW and clear up all your doubts on June 22!

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