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The Future is collaborative and goes through the Cloud. Nowadays enjoying a single, collaborative environment where everyone can share ideas, information and data in real time, from any place, device and at any time of the day becomes an essential tool for business productivity. The emails and phones are saturated, in addition to the time spent to complete the task or to get response/validation.

SOLIDWORKS offers an intuitive and robust set of capabilities for 3D design, combining data management and conceptual design with subdivision modeling.

Discover the new step to digitally transforming your products with SOLIDWORKS

Innovation driven by technological innovation and the emergence of new needs in modern societies leads to a global discussion about what are the best rules to follow in the face of the evolution of these trends. Currently, the products we consume are characterised by their complex and convenient nature, and these are equipped with increasingly advanced technological elements.

Its new requirements raise the bar for community-based innovation, where companies are required to focus on digitalisation and enhance collaborative foundations in order to optimise production cycles and partner relationships.

The Cloud Platform of 3DEXPERIENCE can offer significant benefits by fully integrating its production cycle, including:

  • A single environment for all data;
  • Centralized accessibility across any location and device;
  • Facilitated internal and external cooperation;
  • Faster software implementation;
  • Reduced need for support on IT problems.
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